Download Acrylic WiFi Home 3.1.6117
Network , Popular / March 30, 2019

Acrylic WIFI Home is a complete scanner that provides you to search out any overlapping WIFI channels and WIFI networks. You can easily scan your home for any nearby WLANs and select the highly optimistic wife channel with minimum overlapping networks. It helps to monitor the mode under every type of windows. It extracts the information about any devices which capable the WIFI device and interacts with your WIFI network. This software also working the local wireless access points and other devices. Will also display a list including details such as MAC address. Acrylic WiFi Home Overview Overall it is a user-friendly and reliable tool that provides a Wi-Fi monitoring system although the interface is a heavy little bit. But the overall application performance is excellent and enable to provide all the useful information about all the active Wi-Fi device active around you, the activity of packet and you are able to view who is connected to your network of wifi. Information of hidden networks of WLAN. You will get easily hidden SSID names with capture monitor mode. It’s unique and the most advanced features that you cannot see in any other wireless scanners or any other analysis network software’s….