Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.2.6 Free

By | January 26, 2020

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner a multifunctional IP, SNMP, NetBIOS scanner that can spot hidden shares on a local area network and target to provide a reliable security tool for all network administrators.

Overview of SoftPerfect Network Scanner

This ultra-fast, highly configurable IPv4/IPv6 scanner can reorganize many of your network support procedures. Its professionally-designed interface, lightweight, and portability combined with a wide range of options and advanced features make SoftPerfect Network Scanner an invaluable tool. Whether you are a professional system administrator, someone doing occasional network maintenance, or a common user interested in computer security.

Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.2.6 Free
Download SoftPerfect Scanner 7.2.6 Free

SoftPerfect Network Scanner can locate shared folders. It helps to check ports, ping computers, and retrieve practically any information related to network devices via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, SSH, and PowerShell. It also runs scans for remote services, registry, files and performance counters; provides flexible filtering and shows a list of options and exports NetScan results in many formats from XML to JSON.

It can also resolve hostnames and auto-detect the remote and local IP range. Lastly, the application supports the Wake-On-Lan, the shut down of remote PC and sending messages over the network.

The important thing about this application is that it doesn’t have to be installed. It does not have any spyware or malware or adware. It has only one executable file, so it’s only a matter of seconds to run. You can also Download Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3784 Free.

Main Functions of SoftPerfect Network Scanner

  1. It executes ping sweeps and reveals those who are alive.
  2. Find hardware MAC-addresses, even across routers.
  3. Completely supports both IPv4 and IPv6 discovery.
  4. Finds and expose writable and hidden shared folders.
  5. Identify external and internal IP addresses.
  6. It runs a scan for listening TCP ports, some UDP and SNMP services.
  7. Retrieves currently logged-on users accounts, configured accounts, and uptime, etc.
  8. Supports remote SSH and PowerShell command implementation.
  9. External third-party applications are launched.
  10. Transfer results to CSV, HTML, JSON, TXT and XML.
  11. Retrieves every system information via the remote registry, file system and service manager, and WMI.

Technical Aspects

  • Version:                       7.2.6
  • Size:                             6.9 MB
  • File:                             netscan_setup.exe
  • Language:                   English
  • Developer:                  SoftPerfect Research.

System Requirements

OperatingSystem: Windows, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server. macOS