Smadav Pro 2019 Free Download

By | November 12, 2019

Smadav pro Antivirus is an additional antivirus application that is designed to secure your Windows PC. Smadav Antivirus is an uncomplicated hassle-free security program that provides real-time anti-virus protection and guarantees that your Windows PC is safeguarded at all times.

 Overview Of Smadav Pro 2019

Smadav Antivirus is usually designed to give support to the actual main antivirus installed to your system as an additive.  The main function of this program is to provide total protection for USB Flash Drive. You are highly recommended to install total protection antivirus for your PC if you are surfing on the internet, installing new software, or updating the existing ones.

It is an antivirus that is made to provide an additional layer of protection, so it is easily compatible with another antivirus. It can be easily installed and run along with the main antivirus already installed on your computer system. Smadav Antivirus uses its individual, behaviour, heuristic and whitelisting techniques to scan and remove the viruses and improves the security.

USB Flash disk is commonly used media for viruses spread these days. The software uses its technology to eliminate chances to attack viruses and stop the chances of infection from USB Flash disk. It can also identify another new unknown virus in USB even if the virus does not exist in the database. Not only for protection, but Smadav Pro also able to clean USB Flash disk from viruses and restore hidden/infected files in the USB Flash disk.

The program uses a very small storage place on your PC. Most of the time it utilizes only 5 MB RAM and under 1% of CPU usage, so it does not slows down your computer speed. The antivirus can clean up most of the virus that has already been attacked by your system and also fixes change made by the virus. Many tools included in the software to fight for virus removal.

Key Features of Smadav Pro 2019

  1. Online automatic updates are available and done successfully.
  2. Application tools functions are provided in detail.
  3. Elimination of start up pop up notifications.
  4. Anti-malware setups and Security in applications.
  5. Exemption lists can be managed.
  6. Admin Password is enabled.
  7. Earning usage license

Technical Aspects

  • Version: 4.1      
  • Size: (2 MB) Safe & Secure
  • File:
  • Developer: Zainuddin Nafarin / Smadav Antivirus     
  • License: Commercial Trial             

System Requirements

  • OperatingSystem:       Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Processor:                    Intel Pentium 4 or later