PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download

By | January 26, 2020

            PilotEdit Lite is the best solution to edit large text files and it supports programming language files too.

Overview Of PilotEdit Lite

 If you are looking for a large text file editor free of cost, the best solution available is PilotEdit Lite. It can edit, crop, encrypt, decrypt, merge, and sort, large text files even more than 10 GB.  It is the best substitute for UltraEdit, EmEditor, and notepad++.

PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download
PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download

            PilotEdit Lite is specifically dedicated for editing large text files, but it’s also a comprehensive program for editing programmings code files such as C, C++, XML, SQL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Assembly, ASP.NET, CSS, Visual Basic, Perl, Python, Ruby, and more. It serves as a log editor online and good for those users who are finding document text editor.

User Interface

                PilotEdit Lite has an easy to use intuitive interface. If we see the size of software it is only over 10MB and installing feels like a breeze. Once it’s up and starts running, it’s time to see what it brings on the table. The first thing appears on the desktop is the language selection screen, secondly, options for selecting your favorite font, font style, and size are displayed. After going through these small steps the software seems to be in its full perfect form to work with. The user interface is not amazingly designed, but it works regardless.

PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download
PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download

FTP Client  

 The PilotEdit Lite supports a basic FTP client. If you click on the “Configure” button at the top, then choose FTP Account. A new window will open on the screen, and here is the place you have to enter the username and password of your remote FTP account. The FTP client is a very key factor here as it helps in managing large files. Usually, the software can tackle documents larger than 10GB, while the FTP option support downloading files up to 4GB in size.

PilotEdit Lite 13.5.0 Free Download

Key Features of PilotEdit Lite

  1. It’s an advanced text and hex editor.
  2. It offers customizable syntax and keyword highlighting.
  3. PilotEdit Lite supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS.
  4. The file size supported by PilotEdit is unlimited Edit, Download/upload and Compare files larger than 4G\
  5. Support UNICODE files and DOS/UNIX files Change encoding of multiple files.
  6. Self-defined file types and keywords high-lightening PilotEdit supports more than 20 kinds of file types.
  7. HEX mode Input, delete, cut, copy and paste in HEX mode.
  8. Column mode
  9. Endless undo/redo You may undo/redo even after you switch between text mode and HEX mode.
  10. Word wrap
  11. Edit, download and upload huge FTP files
  12. Multiple-line find/replace Find/replace multiple-line text. Find/replace multiple-line text through regular expression.
  13. File comparison Compare two directories.
  14. Self-defined string table Add a pre-defined string by just one click.
  15. Regular expression Find/replace multiple-line text through regular expression.
  16. The filegroup enables you to open multiple files by just one click.
  17. Find/replace in multiple directories

Technical Aspects

  • Version: 13.5.0
  • File Size: 24.7 MB
  • File Name: Pilot_Lite_13.5.0.zip       
  • Language: English
  • Developer: PilotEdit
  • License: Commercial Trial

System Requirements

OperatingSystem: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000