Cookies Policy

Pcfileworldz uses cookies as small text files, which are save on your machine to help out better user experience. Cookies are mostly used to maintain user interest, store information for things like shopping carts and give you tracing to third party applications such as google analytics. Cookies will make your browsing experience better although, you may disable cookies. The most reliable way to do this is to disable cookies in your browser. We recommend you directly contact the help section of your browser or focus on about Cookies website which offers guidance for all latest browsers.

(PC Fileworldz) what are cookies?

Cookies are basically function as text files which hold very small amount of information which are sent to your browser and stored on your desktop, mobile phone or any other device when you visit on any website. the cookies send information back to the original website which recognize that cookies.

Cookies might be permanent when they are permanent on your computer until you erase it, or temporary (these cookies called as session cookies) where they last only you chose browser. Cookies can be third-party cookies which is subjected by a website other than the one which you visited most or first party cookies which are those subjected by any website which is being visited.

How does PC Fileworldz use cookies?

We only use cookies for aim such as enhancing the functionally of our website, to understand internet page and site and to enhance or offering or advisements, customize the content on our sites. For example, we may use cookies to check your experience at our website for example to verify you by name when you return to a sites), save your password in password-protected areas and provide you to use shopping carts. We also may use cookies to offer you programs, products or services that might be interest to you and deliver relevant advertising.

Cookies we use & what they are for

The cookies are categorized as follows:

Strictly essential cookies

These cookies are necessary in order to provide you to full experience the website and use the functions and the features available to you. Such as access to protect areas of the website. We use this mode of cookies to handle user login and registration. Having not these cookies services you have asked for cannot be provided. These cookies can be third-party, permanent or temporary. Overall you can say this without these important cookies of our websites won’t work properly or want be able to provide certain functionalities and features.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect hide information about how any visitors use our website, for example which page are most visited. In way to provide a best user experience. These cookies do not identify any visitor single by single. Collection of all information is anonymous and aggregated.