Bvckup 2 Free Download

By | April 17, 2020

Bvckup 2 Free Download is a unidirectional file synchronization app for the Windows NT family that enables you to keep the copies in sync with the actual files without the need to perform backup again.

Bvckup 2 Free Download
Bvckup 2 Free Download

Overview Of Bvckup 2

            Working on the computer system means all the time you are playing around with the files and folders. If we talk about an enterprise or even small business most of the data is very important and human error sometimes can damage them by deleting files. Now, what next? Bvckup 2 gives you the solution for keeping your data safe all the time and you can have the reverse gear to get your lost data back.

Bvckup 2 Free Download
Bvckup 2 Free Download

            Managing Deleted Files

            Managing the deleted files is always a tricky question when it comes to backup files. If a file is deleted from the source directory, should it also be erased from the destination, potentially losing valuable work? Or should backup app just leave it in place, means potentially piling up more and more trash until the drive is clogged with obsolete and unused files? Bvckup 2 lets you choose either of these choices, but adds an interesting third option. It can find files that were deleted on the source folder and archive them on the destination folder. Which means it just relocate them out of the way to a different folder—you can still retrieve them with any file manager. But it also keeps trail of them and can remove them for you once some time has passed,  you need to tell how long it should wait.

Bvckup 2 Free Download
Bvckup Free Download

            Replication and Delta Copying

            It replicates the files from one location to another in the original format. Delta copying is used to speed up the process. The application supports scheduling, removable device tracking. It uses shadow copy service to security attribute cloning, moves and rename detection,  transfers or open locked files, and email alerts. Concurrent backups assure you that all files and documents are completely kept safe. However, it does not support any encryption or compression.

Bvckup 2 Free Download
Bvckup Free Download

            Backup Scheduler and Realtime Actualization

            A good rule of thumb for making backups is to make them as frequent as possible. It is not possible all the time. Bvckup 2 consists of a backup scheduler that automatically generates backups for your documents at user-defined periods and permits you to focus on other tasks.

            Realtime backup protection comes into action when you need the backup files to be updated at the same pace with the original ones. Bvckup 2 can analyze the original and actual documents and then apply the changes to the backup versions as soon as they occur.

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Key Features of Bvckup 2

  1. Abort and error recovery.
  2. Timestamps, attributes, security information and data streams can be copied as needed.
  3. Asynchronous I/O
  4. Real-time and Periodical backups.
  5. Simulated dry runs are also supported by along with manual backups.
  6. Automatic file system testing.
  7. Fast Parallel scanning and File index catching.
  8. Archival of modified files and deleted files.
  9. Pre/ Post backup scripting.

Technical Aspects of Bvckup 2 Free Download

  • Version: Bvckup 2 Release 80.7
  • Size: 2.4 MB
  • File: bvckup2-setup.exe   
  • Language: English
  • Developer: IO Bureau  
  • License: Commercial Trial                                          

System Requirements

  • OperatingSystem: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,  WindowsVista, Windows XP.
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Disk Space: 20 M