Android NDK Revision 17c / Revision 18 Beta2 Free Download

Android NDK Introduction

There are three major performance improvement methods provided with NDK.

Parallel processing with SIMD
Direct binary Code conversion no byte-code involved.
Optimization at the assembly level is possible with NDK.

Another aspect of NDK to look in to is its Memory management Component. It’s an advanced topic and when the responsibility of creating C++ objects is given to Java Objects, certain issues arise. Even Native heap corruption can occur. It may also cause Java runtime to break.

Android NDK Overview

Android NDK (Native Development Kit) latest Download. Achieving better performance for Android devices is always an important concern for Android developers. According to Android developers guide, “using native methods carefully” is one of the significant performance tips for Android developers. With the advent of use in Android devices use of android app also increased drastically. Android NDK Revision 17cBattery life is one of the major concerns among advance developers. Android NDK has provided us with the technique to use native programming languages like C and C++ to use in android development. As these languages compile to the native code hence increased performance and more device life in terms of power utilization.

Android NDK Features

There is a simple 3 step process for getting started with Android NDK app Development.

  1. Eclipse needs to be upgraded with the C/C++ support using the plug-in for that you can search in Eclipse Marketplace and easily install from there.
  2. Due to Linux in its Core Android require some other tools to support NDK development. Cygwin is a tool for windows based platform.
  3. And finally, you have to install the Android NDK. Now you have all the necessary toolkit to start making an NDK Application.

Software Details

Title: Android-NDK

Developers: Google

Operating System Support: Windows 7/8/10

Category: Developer Tools

License model:  Free

Price: Free

File size: 580 MB

Android NDK Free Download

Click the download link which is given below to download complete offline, standalone, free setup of Visual Paradigm which has compatible with all latest operating system.


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